Hutch and Friends

Hutch is a very sweet (and calm) boy who came to Rude Ranch with his wonderful brother, Starsky. Born in 2005, the brothers were adopted, but returned to Rude Ranch when their people moved and decided they would not take them along! Sadly, Starsky passed away and Hutch had to adapt to this next loss, and to navigating life without his brother. He is doing well, and spends time enjoying pets from admiring volunteers and staff at Rude Ranch, hanging out and snuggling with friends Molly and Zorro (and Shadow aka Farm Kitty), and napping in one of his favorite spots. 



Hutch has eyes the color of gold and the softest fur! If you want to make this loving sweetie a member of your forever family, visit  May I suggest adopting Zorro and Molly with him (and Shadow, too) -- they take up so little room (except in your heart) and are pretty low maintenance, seeking your love and attention some of the time, and happy to snuggle and hang out with each other or in their own little nooks the rest of the time.






Static the Extraverted Kitty

Static is a beautiful, people-loving orange kitty who is currently a guest at Rude Ranch Animal Rescue in Harwood, Maryland.


The wonderful founders of RRAR kindly shared his story with me. He was born in 2005 and placed in Rude Ranch's loving care by a Delaware animal control agency. Quickly adopted, he has since found himself homeless through no fault of his own (once because his adoptive people decided they could no longer afford to keep him and a second time when major changes in his new people's life -- including addition of children to the household -- created so much stress the poor kitty started spraying. Static is the sweetest cat and just wants to be loved (and to love you)! In spite of losing his home twice, he has not lost his faith in humans. He continues to love people and is always one of the first to greet me when I visit. The team, volunteers, and visitors to Rude Ranch all love him, but what we want most for him is his very own family.   




Other cats and children seem to stress him, but since he has been given a room by himself, he is doing so well. He will do best in an adult home where he can tell you all about his day and ask all about yours, receive lots of pets, nap in sunny spots and enjoy a treat or two. Occasional water pooling in the sink as the faucet runs slowly would also be appreciated -- see Exhibit B, below.

A person of his own or a couple who'd have plenty of time and attention for this sweetie would be the purrfect pet parents. Are you the one to give Static the warm and loving home he so deserves? Come meet him at Rude Ranch (  You'll know him by the excited meow greeting you'll hear before you even see him! ♥ 




  Static on top of the cat tree.


IMG_3367 - Copy



Miss Gabby!

The beautiful miss Gabby is a lovely, sweet grey and white cat who *loves* people without feeling the need to demand their attention all the time. She really prefers to be an only child; while she currently does share a room with a few other kitties, she does not appreciate having to do so and will tell them to "vacate her space" if they get too close :-). 


She is a guest at the wonderful Rude Ranch Animal Rescue in Maryland, and here are a few of the details Rude Ranch has kindly shared about her: a domestic short hair, Gabby was born in 2005 and adopted the same year, but returned to Rude Ranch in 2015 when her family was apparently unable to continue caring for her. I've had the pleasure of spending time with this sweet girl since she came to Rude Ranch, and can tell you she is very low maintenance. She just wants some warm, cozy spots to nap in, the opportunity to play (loves string/ribbon type wands), catnip and chicken (not at the same time, of course :-) and pets from her very own human. In return, she will charm you with her sweetness, appreciation, and purrs, as well as her beauty, enchanting eyes and facial expressions, and the warmth of her presence. 


Are you the cat-savvy person to give her a forever, loving home where she can be your one and only? If so, come meet her at (just south of Annapolis, Maryland) and let her steal your heart! 




About Laps for Cats™


I created this space to help cats who are currently interviewing potential pet parents find their very own laps (whether or not they'll actually make use of said lap :-).

Most of the cats featured are guests of rescues such as the wonderful Rude Ranch Animal Rescue in Harwood, Maryland.

Here's to finding a lap for each furry angel who needs one!


(Note: This site is an informal, personal volunteer project focused on animal welfare and advocacy. The organizations highlighted here are not affiliated with this blog and I am not acting as their representative; I highlight them because of the good work they do, and to get the word out about the wonderful animals they have kindly rescued.)