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Miss Gabby!

The beautiful miss Gabby is a lovely, sweet grey and white cat who *loves* people without feeling the need to demand their attention all the time. She really prefers to be an only child; while she currently does share a room with a few other kitties, she does not appreciate having to do so and will tell them to "vacate her space" if they get too close :-). 


She is a guest at the wonderful Rude Ranch Animal Rescue in Maryland, and here are a few of the details Rude Ranch has kindly shared about her: a domestic short hair, Gabby was born in 2005 and adopted the same year, but returned to Rude Ranch in 2015 when her family was apparently unable to continue caring for her. I've had the pleasure of spending time with this sweet girl since she came to Rude Ranch, and can tell you she is very low maintenance. She just wants some warm, cozy spots to nap in, the opportunity to play (loves string/ribbon type wands), catnip and chicken (not at the same time, of course :-) and pets from her very own human. In return, she will charm you with her sweetness, appreciation, and purrs, as well as her beauty, enchanting eyes and facial expressions, and the warmth of her presence. 


Are you the cat-savvy person to give her a forever, loving home where she can be your one and only? If so, come meet her at RudeRanch.org (just south of Annapolis, Maryland) and let her steal your heart! 





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Shahrzad Arasteh

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Gloria! Thanks, too, for your warm encouragement of me and my idea for creating Laps for Cats :-). I hope Gabby will find her forever home soon, too! She certainly deserves it, and her forever person/family will be so lucky to have her. Thank you again!


So happy to see Miss Gabby here, Shahrzad, and the pictures of her are adorable. Hoping she finds her forever home soon!

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