Static the Extraverted Kitty

Hutch and Friends

Hutch is a very sweet (and calm) boy who came to Rude Ranch with his wonderful brother, Starsky. Born in 2005, the brothers were adopted, but returned to Rude Ranch when their people moved and decided they would not take them along! Sadly, Starsky passed away and Hutch had to adapt to this next loss, and to navigating life without his brother. He is doing well, and spends time enjoying pets from admiring volunteers and staff at Rude Ranch, hanging out and snuggling with friends Molly and Zorro (and Shadow aka Farm Kitty), and napping in one of his favorite spots. 



Hutch has eyes the color of gold and the softest fur! If you want to make this loving sweetie a member of your forever family, visit  May I suggest adopting Zorro and Molly with him (and Shadow, too) -- they take up so little room (except in your heart) and are pretty low maintenance, seeking your love and attention some of the time, and happy to snuggle and hang out with each other or in their own little nooks the rest of the time.







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